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Is the future interactive for Niche magazines?

In our new post we take an in-depth look at the issues facing magazine design, production and distribution in this age of interactive media. From digimags to ipad, we look at some of the things you should consider first…

Viewpoint: “Why you have to be into Social Media (whether you want to or not)”

“Help! It’s a social media minefield out there. Every day I’m bombarded with follow me, like that, email them, join this. It’s even on the telly now. It’s not OK to just ignore and hope it will go away – social media is here to stay. I need to learn to live with it. Addicted […]

Design Websites You Can’t Live Without

Here’s our favourite selection of online resources for graphic designers. From creating 3d mock-ups to colourful repeat patterns, we delve a little deeper