Red Onion uses video to promote print

December 15, 2015BLOG, NEWS No Comments

It’s a first for Red Onion as we combine our video-making and print skills to create a well-rounded social media campaign. We designed a captivating booklet aimed at 12 to 18 year olds – and we were thinking of a way to build excitement about it. This is where Keynote OSX came in – it … Read More

Top 5… Reasons a print magazine rivals digital

September 24, 2015BLOG, TOP 5 No Comments

It’s of course important to engage with your readers across all media platforms, but on this occasion let’s quickly focus on the benefits of print magazines. Let’s go… 1 It’s a great way to connect with your readers. If you’ve got lots of staff in your company (for example) this is a great way to … Read More

Who Cares? Magazine loved by young readers

September 7, 2015BLOG, CASE STUDIES, NEWS No Comments

Who Cares? is a magazine aimed at 12 to 18 year olds in care. And following its recent redesign by Red Onion – we found out what the readers really thought of it! “I love the new front cover!” “I actually don’t not like anything about this magazine. It’s my favourite!” “There’s lots of information … Read More

Guide to creating a website for multiple devices

April 30, 2015BLOG, NEWS No Comments

Having been involved in website design and creation since the late 1990’s it’s been a fascinating journey updating Red Onion to a fully responsive site. Things have naturally moved on a lot in design and particularly html and scripts in general. It’s important to move with the times, and we thought we’d share with you a little more about our … Read More

Business best practises: using social media

April 29, 2015BLOG, DIGITAL, USEFUL No Comments

In this post, we look at which social media tool you should use for your specific purpose. Often you will need a mixture of them all. Here’s a few thoughts about the best ways to share your message.   Newsletter Email Benefits: In-depth, personalised, tailored,  targeted When to use it: Stay in touch with your signed-up … Read More

What to consider with digital magazines

July 21, 2014BLOG, VIEWPOINT 1 Comment

Are you a publisher with an eye on the latest trends in magazine design, production and distribution? Do you want to create a magazine that crosses the media boundaries and reaches a well-targeted audience? If so, what’s the best way for you to go about this? We’ve looked at some of the issues to consider, and it’s … Read More

Top 5… websites for designers

July 12, 2014BLOG, TOP 5 No Comments

For when you need a good font – and free too! Here’s a great resource for designers. A huge selection of royalty-free fonts you can download and use at your leisure. What sets this apart from many of the others is the huge range of professional quality typography up for grabs.   Visit Font Squirrel … Read More