Disappearing brands from homepages

January 8, 2014BLOG, VIEWPOINT No Comments

Has anyone else noticed the gradual shrink or even disappearance of logo’s and branding on mainstream websites? We have. Branding is getting increasingly underplayed. Is this because users are reacting against over-branding – or does it somehow make the brands look ‘cool’. It also suggests a certain confidence in the fact that users already know … Read More

Why you have to be into Social Media

July 20, 2013VIEWPOINT No Comments

“Help! It’s a social media minefield out there. Every day I’m bombarded with follow me, like that, email them, join this. It’s even on the telly now. It’s not OK to just ignore and hope it will go away – social media is here to stay. I need to learn to live with it. Addicted … Read More

Ideas to promote your company with print

November 15, 2011BLOG, PRINT, USEFUL No Comments

We’ve come up with these ideas to help you consider new avenues for the promotion of your company. Although an online presence is important, you can really sell yourself in a unique and memorable way using print. At Red Onion we can assist you to accomplish these concepts: Company magazine This really isn’t as difficult … Read More

Tips on how to brief a Graphic Designer

November 14, 2011PRINT, USEFUL No Comments

Let’s say you want to promote your business in a new way, or develop some ideas you’ve had. Chances are at some stage you’ll need the help of a graphic designer: someone who can bring your visual ideas to life in a professional way. Getting this kind of help can ultimately bring more business your … Read More