How to create a responsive Adobe Muse website

May 11, 2016BLOG, DIGITAL, USEFUL No Comments

Adobe Muse CC 2015 is software that allows designers to create visually impressive websites with very little coding knowledge. It also has the added benefit of parallax scrolling – where items on the webpage move or animate as the user scrolls down or up. Adobe Muse is only suited to smaller or one-off websites. It comes … Read More

Business best practises: using social media

April 29, 2015BLOG, DIGITAL, USEFUL No Comments

In this post, we look at which social media tool you should use for your specific purpose. Often you will need a mixture of them all. Here’s a few thoughts about the best ways to share your message.   Newsletter Email Benefits: In-depth, personalised, tailored,  targeted When to use it: Stay in touch with your signed-up … Read More