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Contracts. What are you signing away?

April 25, 2019By Rob CastlesBlog Homepage, Resources

We’re seeing an increasing trend towards asking designers and design companies to sign written contracts and agreements. Graphic designers need to be wary of this and be equipped with a basic knowledge of the pros and cons of signing something, even if it’s unavoidable. First and foremost, remember the contract will always be written to … Read More

Are you looking for a new Integrated Design Agency?

April 19, 2019By Rob CastlesTrends

Why ‘Integrated Designer’ Is The New Buzzword When thinking about the services Red Onion offer, the current best description would be integrated. Although we have a specialism in magazines, we’re ultimately about communicating ideas through graphic design in lots of different ways.   What is an integrated designer? An integrated designer is a person that … Read More