Spring 2019 sees the last issue printed of this popular magazine, which had been published continuously for over 30 years. It’s the end of an era for the Become charity.

It’s time to celebrate some of the amazing layouts that have been in Become (formerly Who Cares? Magazine) and Become Junior magazine. Two national magazines dedicated to supporting children and young people in care.

Budgets were tight, but every issue the dedicated team at Red Onion and Become spent many hours providing content and arranging photoshoots. Most recently the Editor was Tillie Demetriou – she bought a real young person’s voice to the title. The Editor before this was Dominic Stevenson, who among many other things, made some very popular recipes in the fantastic ‘Dinner with Dom’ section. Finally, we worked with Emma Price. Emma arranged shoots with young people up and down the country, and always got the best content out of tricky situations.

What made this magazine work?

Using bright panels of colours, with areas of reversed-out copy and lots of angled boxes, helped create a fun and immersive presentation. Keeping to a strict amount of fonts, but using them in new and unusual ways added interest. Illustration from Romain Oria gave a unique image to the magazine.

Here’s some layouts that worked really well…

As it’s time to say goodbye to the printed magazine, we hope to continue to support Become as it goes fully digital – with mini wordpress websites, social media assets, video etc. etc. Let’s raise a glass to this amazing magazine, that over the years provided support to so many young people.

In brief news stories kept readers informed
Inspiring interviews motivated people
Lifestyle advice
Interviews with real people
Aware of the wider environment
Provided legal advice
Bespoke Illustration added interest
Lively typography
Chatting to real people
Dramatic crops of images
One-on-one advice
Advice and celebrity interviews
Problem pages with curated peer feedback
Important issues discussed
Over the years loads of printed material provided support


Can magazines still play a part for you?

Yes of course. Magazines provide curated content. That is, they take the many strands of information available online and elsewhere and condense it in to an easily digestible package. However, in the digital age, magazines need to use social media to promote the title, and they also need to provide content in a unique way to what is found online.

The difficulty with media in general, is that there’s so much of it, and for any organisation trying to cut through this, believe it or not, we think print still plays an important role. A magazine can still be delivered through a door, it can sit on a desk or table, and it’s a real tangible object that represent your ‘brand’ – that’s a useful difference in itself.



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