Whatever your next project will be, we can help bring it to life using the power of design...

Magazine design

Magazines have amazing impact and can really engage your audience. If you want to create something that stands out from the crowd read more about what we can offer you...

Brochure design

Red Onion provides stylish brochure design. We can also create larger booklets or smaller leaflets. If you need to get information across in a clear yet visually interesting way, we can help.

Infographic design

People love to see complex information presented in a clear way. We can provide unique infographics and illustration for your project

Branding and logo

From a simple logo for your business, to a full-on brand redesign. Talk to us


Red Onion can design stand-out packaging, we can retouch images for maximum impact and provide illustration too

Direct mail and advertising

If you want someone to remember or notice you – it's important to create something memorable. We can help with the design of  your next printed campaign