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We provide Brand Design and Marketing Strategy

Welcome to Red Onion. If you're looking to re-assess the design output of your company, this unique service provides a visual and strategic audit of your brand. We offer critical analysis of your company from a design point of view. Below we've listed several ways this can take place. In brief we can look at your whole creative output and give a written critique along with ideas and visual representations of how improvements can be made. Also, we can do something similar but based on a concept or idea you may have, rather than on an existing product.

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Written review of your current creative output


Visual examples and a written review of your creative output


Design and strategy options for fulfilling a new objective

Brand & Strategy case studies

Providing concepts for an educational product to engage students, their school and family

Working with a partner we would lead strategic brainstorming sessions, campaign development, creative brief development and directing creative execution. We would visit the client’s central London office to discuss the issues, and provide rough visuals to demonstrate our approach. They were kept deliberately in outine and black and white to not confuse the key messages. Using data visualisation, the challenge here was to engage with school pupils via new products.

Outline UI sketches in black and white

Cover of FM magazine

Providing critical design analysis with visual examples for magazine titles

FM is the leading worldwide magazine for Management Accountants. We met with the US team at my London office and as well as designing covers, provided a full written appraisal of the title regarding fonts, images, paper stock etc. We also worked with a team at a major publishing company on new ideas for the consumer magazine ‘Pick Me Up’. Also, we provided a full written design appraisal for the editor of the top-selling real-life magazine ‘Take a Break’.

Developing a really simple management interface for swim school owners, plus a framework document for marketing

Alongside the developer we designed the logo and brand and set out many demo pages to illustrate how the software would look and function. The idea is that managers can build and edit the database in an intuitive way that didn’t need additional instructions. Initially designed for PC, future editions would be for mobile and allow editing by customers too. We also created a marketing plan document, with action points, outlining how we could approach nationwide swimming organisations and provide subscription plans.

Sales and Marketing presentation computer screen

Your Places at Excel Exhibition Stand

Developing an intuitive mobile app to appeal to young consumers and business owners

Launching a new ‘Click + Collect’ app in a crowded, yet growing market. Working with a small management team we came up with the ‘Your Places’ name and created the logo and brand outline (fonts, colours, images etc.). We developed the consumer app interface so it is quick and easy to use, and the food menu could be accessed from any screen – by using hand-drawn sketches, detailed PDFs and Adobe XD (like sketch). We also arranged and planned the launch for the London ExCel exhibition.

Taken part in focus groups and provided analysis of findings to integrate into projects

We've been involved with focus groups where you sit behind a panel of glass discussing the live feedback. Attended focus groups for a million-pound women’s magazine launch (pictured), and a new mens magazine launch for NewsUK. We've also presented design pitches to large boardroom panels

Women with ape magazine layout

Creating a mood board of the whole brand at the beginning of the project

We can't recommend enough the benefits right at the very beginning of a project of creating a graphic design mood board. This allows you to see all components at a glance across social media, print and websites and lets you see how everything will work together and plan ahead. It allows you to ensure that what you are doing now will not mean you have to redo them when you come to create other aspects later on. It can save money on costly mistakes. The image is a mood board we created for a new acupuncture brand.

Brand & Strategy options



Written review of your current creative output

We take into account your aims and ambitions for your company and look at how your current creative output matches with these aims. We look at your printed materials, website, apps and infact any visual output you offer – whether to consumers, staff or external stakeholders. We look at all your creative output and review them with regard to fonts, images, colours, and even the way you write copy, providing written ways you can improve what you do.


Visual examples and written review of your creative output

As above, but we also provide you with a range of visual materials too. The fee depends on how much there is to review and how many examples we feel are neccessary to get our points across. We would usually provide a range of PDFs along with short descriptions about our thinking behind the ideas. These would be rough concepts, designed to be a starting point for discussion. If you like what you see we can put together a package to work up the ideas further for you.


Design and strategy options for fulfilling a new objective

This is for if you're starting a brand new project and need some external strategic input on your design. We can provide a written overview, provide examples, and speak to your board. It could be you want to expand into other areas, but need help visualising and verbalising how this could look – before taking the concept any further. It could be considering how it could be useful for you to develop an app, create a new website, produce a magazine, or even think about a completely new product design. We can provide a wealth of ideas for you to pick and choose from, and are happy to chat or meet you to find out what you have in mind.

What is a strategy?

It allows you to plan for the future, and by taking a step back get a clearer look at the bigger picture. You can build some new ideas and approaches – and think carefully before launching them to the outside world.

How can it help you?

This unique brand and strategy review allows you to analyse exactly how you appear as an organisation to other people to see where improvements could be made – which in turn can lead to more profit.

Who is this for?

This is for any size company that wants to review there creative output. It gives a critical analysis of their current visual output, along with suggestions and examples for improvements. It provides an early framework that can be shared internally for feedback. You may decide to take on aspects of our proposition, or throw it all away. It's a chance to get an outside specialist opinion of your work.

Why listen to you?

We have many years experience in graphic design and the media in general. We have worked with a wide range of companies and marketing departments. We keep an eye on trends and can provide written critical analysis with constructive suggestions. You know your product better than anyone, so this will be a document that you can pick and choose from, and it will hopefully bring up some helpful tips and advice – even if only to reconfirm what you already know to be the best route.

What happens next?

If you find the strategic document useful, Red Onion can take on the creative work for you, and work with your internal teams as required. Or you can use it as framework to work with other agencies.


Is this expensive?

In a word, yes. But we will look at each project on a case by case basis and put together the best deal for you that we can. It has the potential to set you and your company on a new path to riches!


Strategic thinking

Good with words

With our specialist knowledge we can write clear strategic information.

Specialist Designers

As experienced graphic designers we can bring a unique vision to your project.

New Ideas

We provide a wide-range of ideas and concepts.

Detailed Research

We'll take time to understand the aims of your company.


We've worked on many products and understand what makes something successful

Unique Service

We make sure our Design & Strategy service is tailored exactly to your requirements.

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