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Let Red Onion Design create assets for your next social media campaign, ready to upload to any major social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It’s about using the best medium to get your message across on your posts. We're a social media design company able to provide beautifully designed animated gifs or video using your copy and images, even adding license-free music if required. We can follow your corporate guidelines, or create something brand new from scratch.

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Artwork animated

as an mp4 for instagram

Taking a flat piece of artwork, it can be pulled apart and put back together again to create a fascinating and noticeable graphic. When it's used for instagram it would need to be converted to an mp4. Here's how we animated a printed magazine cover.

FM magazine cover with lit up tower blocks

Animated gifs

work really well for Twitter

Gifs are given a priority on Twitter, and currently appear on the feed larger than flat images – so it's worth the extra effort. Make sure you design them as a square. Here's a magazine cover bought to life by lighting up the building.

Short video animation

works well on Facebook

Try making simple explanation videos, or employ the use of infographics. This video was created by Red Onion in OSX keynote to animate some key messages. We can do the same for you.

Video and graphics

combined for Facebook
Using existing footage shot by the University, we overlaid it with bespoke graphics and animation to provide a final promotional video for the magazine.


easy to understand quickly

Red Onion can create simple and effective icons and images to help your social media campaign be better than ever before.

Divine Chocolate square infographic with pie chart

It's a Jungle out there – our tips

Good Quality Images

Ensure you start with the best quality images you have. Though websites often only display at 72dpi, and the platforms will scale resolution to match their specification, it’s worth providing good quality images from the start

Wide-ranging Campaign

Think about your campaign. If you want to build interest in something, you’ll need to approach it from lots of different angles.

Multiple sizes

Often they'll be one idea that will need to be presented in a variety of sizes, so bear this in mind when you're having something designed

Picture Research

We'll help hunt down the best images for you. We can negotiate with the top end high budget agencies, or work with the best low budget picture libraries

Bespoke solutions

Perhaps you'd like a basic infographic or illustration to get your message across. Talk to us about your ideas and we'll source top end talent.

Specialist words

If you want help to write catchy headlines, or just need someone to check your work or provide more approaches – talk to Red Onion. We provide specialist editorial support.

Want to know more?

Social media design checklist

Use a specialist social media designer
If it was just a matter of finding a decent image and uploading it, we’re sure you can do that yourself. However, if you want to create something with beautiful typography, or that combines text and images in a creative way – you’ll need the help of a designer to make it look great – and to portray your message in the best way possible.

Apply design strategy to your campaign to achieve success
Getting stand out on social media requires a range of skills. Firstly understand your company and ambitions and then apply strategic thinking to try and achieve your marketing aims. You may simply need a set of stock photos or you may require animated gifs or mp4 video. The range of options is huge. Luckily at Red Onion we have the industry knowledge to create success with you.

Keep abreast of changes
This is tricky as new algorithms, image sizes and formats are being introduced all the time. Together we'll stay up-to-date as new features become available.

gorilla on phone


Red Onion will advise you on the correct sizes for each post, and ensure the best image quality. We can research images for you and advise on any extra costs for images. We can illustrate or provide infographics, and we can help with words. We're always happy to talk about whatever you have in mind.


We've many years of experience working with top UK brands enabling them to get their message across in a clear, yet entertaining and informative way. With our digital knowledge, and all-round design skills – we're ready to make a success of your brand message too...

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