The ways in which we consume visual media continue to change at an exciting rate. As graphic design evolves, here’s our pick of the top trends to look out for into 2020…


1. Distortion

We’re bombarded with visual stimulus on a daily basis and we’re now starting to see this interpreted in everyday design with the use of distortion in text and images…



2. Colour

The new iPhone has stepped away from classic grey and Apple are revisiting their love of colour with their new range of mobile devices. Super vibrant, contrasting colours are becoming popular looking ahead.




3. Letter spacing

Perhaps the flip side of distortion is the concept of making content feel airy and spacious by using wide kerning on sans serif text.




4. Sliding text

Text is being animated to show it moving across the screen, edging around corners and interjecting other lines of rolling copy.




5. Seeing double

Who needs a boring single line when you can have two (or more)? AC Milan have even created their own typeface in this style.






These are trending too


(Below, from top to bottom)… • • • Infographics are uber-popular with business, but why limit yourself to a flat graphic, when you can animate it too. • • • The world of instagram is so cluttered, that keeping things as simple as possible seems the best way to go. White on black works really well as these very similar instagram profiles testify!  • • • Responsive logos are still a big thing, and I like this example from Dunkin’.


animated infographics

Responsive Dunkin


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