Eye-catching alumni magazine redesign, fresh new brochures

Award-winning publications enhancing the strong and evolving University of Essex brand and Ethos


To provide a fresh new look to their popular alumni magazine, and to create several new printed publications aimed at businesses and academics around the world.


Working closely with the Essex comms teams we provided a selection of ideas, from the wild and wacky to some more conservative approaches. We chose good-quality paper to give a premium feel.


Together we settled on something that looked contemporary, yet communicated complex subjects to a wide and varied readership  – whilst keeping a solid visual template across all publications. Essex Effect alumni magazine won an international CASE award in 2017 and the first of the brochures, about data, also won an international silver in 2018.

“Delivered on alumni request to reflect the specialness of the school: to stand out from other school magazines”

International silver award judges on Essex Effect magazine

““The contemporary design blended white space, photos, and facts to ensure it reached all of their audiences”

International silver award judges on the data brochure
Campus grounds
Awards logoDesign

At every step we ensured the design looked perfect by kerning headlines, accurately retouching images, and working closely with the client to ensure we were fulfilling their corporate aims – and we received a couple of awards too!