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Did you know over 38% of websites worldwide use WordPress as their CMS (content management system). This is more than any other web builder. That’s because WordPress gives you lots of design flexibility, but it also means you need to work harder to stand out from the crowd. With our extensive branding knowledge and understanding of WordPress – we can create something that will work seamlessly and look fantastic – whilst always keeping the end-user and your objectives key to everything we do. 

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Website design tips

Website design tips


Perhaps the most important part of a website is navigation. This means clear sectioning, highlighted when it needs to be, and with link titles that make sense to read. The last thing you want is a valued visitor getting lost within your pages.

A good starting point is to create a basic diagram that shows your key pages and how they link to each other. This will be really useful when coming to the design stage and ensures everyone understand the key components of your site.
Make sure you write informative headlines that keep people interested. Ensure sections have labels that are easy to understand. Don’t double up on content, by having clearly marked pages for each category.


This is an ongoing part of running a WordPress website. You need to ensure plugins and WordPress itself is kept up to date, and that nothing ‘breaks’. Your website will need to be hosted on its own dedicated server space.

This is ensuring caching is working effectively using tools such as Cloudflare, which can drastically improve the performance of your website. Also, ensuring CSS, HTML and Javascript are loading as efficiently as possible – and that images are optimised.
Making sure that your headlines make sense and clearly explain the content of the page. Have plenty of key search words in your content that answers what people may be searching for. Link to other parts of your website, to keep visitors staying for longer.


As long as you follow best practises for navigation and optimisation, your design should fall into place. The design should compliment the navigation and take on board brand colours and logos – so users know at all times which site they are on.

Make use of the space you have on a desktop website. This allows you the room to add a few more design tricks and add to the overall enjoyment of the site, compared to a small mobile screen. In responsive mode the skill here is ensuring users don’t get lost in the website. One option is a permanent menu that appears at the bottom of the mobile screen.
Easy to use
This is the primary objective of the design. To ensure it is a pleasant surfing experience. It needs to look professional and authoritative and to match the audience expectations. The pictures and words should all add value to the overall ease of use.

Our work

Directory on a laptop

Business listings directory with payment system

We installed this business directory so that members could pay to join and then maintain their own listing. Visitors can choose how they view the listings (list, grid, map view) and add comments and reviews. We customised the google map to fit with the rest of the website.

Innovative Plugins59%
Coding and WooCommerce63%
Speed and SEO85%

WooCommerce website built using the WordPress framework

Complete shop package including out of stock notices, low stock countdown, dynamic dropdown menus and a host of useful WooCommerce feature. We optimised all area of the website to enhance customer engagement with the content and lead to sales.

Innovative Plugins50%
Coding and WooCommerce90%
Speed and SEO70%

Woocommerce Shop Menu

Phone small

Standout design and attention to detail from Red Onion

How do we stay at number one? We keep abreast of the latest WordPress developments – that means learning the latest plugins that offer eyecatching options. We can build mini-sites, magazine sites or whole big websites. We start with fully understanding a brief and start to flesh out how it will look and feel.

Innovative Plugins90%
Coding and WooCommerce68%
Speed and SEO80%

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