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Live Well A4 Leaflet

Graphic Design Moodboard

Live Well Surrey

Branding for a new boutique health practice in the heart of an historic London/Surrey village offering Acupuncture, Health & Wellbeing, and Naturopathy services. We created stylish subtle signage to encourage the idea of a cool destination. The building still had wooden (rather than PVC) frames which meant it could be painted to match the brand… On the door we featured a round LW icon to be used across social media.


More about the project
We’re all bombarded with so much visual clutter every day, therefore simplicity was key in this logo. It’s colour and simple shape make it easily recognisable, and also versatile. The services it highlights are flexible, and needs to work across Acupuncture, Health & Wellbeing, and Naturopathy – along with any future services that may be offered.

Inside the shop we helped the client organise their services and created a treatments and prices board. The practice uses a maximum of 5 tonal colours throughout the branding, and they’ve been used on these images representing the five elements – an important part of holistic healing. The font is a 'nod' to Acupuncture – the pleasing way the typographic crossbar punctures the stem.

The final image shown is a mood board we created right at the beginning of the project. Read more about our strategic services (which incldues the advantages of a mood boards).

Shop Photography by Michaela Strivens