Below are some initial sketches demonstrating how the app could work.
Following feedback and research from our initial sketches we put together a basic working prototype and here's the sitemap.
This is a video showing how the pages connect together, with a bit of fine tuning this would be ready for the developers, or in this case a further round of research and development.
An app is never really completed, as there'll always be room for further user feedback and app development.

Wishlist Budget App Prototype

This is a prototype budgeting app which in our first sketches was aimed at teenagers. As the concept developed it opened up to become a budgeting app for any age. It also became an app that you could connect with other people, so you could see what they were saving for. This allows user's to 'pledge' money on special occasions such as birthdays for example. This selection of images shows our initial early development and thought processes.