Man looking at App on phone

This is a video showing the app in action. It's a very simple, but useful app on the front end with a simple daily updated list. It needs to be quick to load and easy to glance at in a newsagents.
Below is an overview of the app Red Onion created in prototyping software.
An often overlooked part of apps is the admin panels. Dynamic apps such as this need to be managed via the back end. Here's our initial prototypes for desktop and mobile-based admin screens. Often not as pretty to look at (as in this case they're not consumer-facing), they still need to be clear and functional.

Scratchcard app admin panels

Scratchcard App Design

This is a prototype app for buyers of UK scratchcards. By scraping publicly available information the app works out which cards provide the best odds of winning, on a daily basis. The app costs £1 a year (the cost of the cheapest scratchcard), but helps increase your chances of winning.