OK, so we don’t just do magazines, sometimes we like to dabble in digital too. We’re specialists in WordPress design and SEO. Here’s some more knowledge about the world of digital. Find out more about our web design services here.

What to consider with digital magazines

November 18, 2018Website knowledge

Are you a publisher with an eye on the latest trends in magazine design, production and distribution? Do you want to create a magazine that crosses the media boundaries and reaches a well-targeted audience? If so, what’s the best way for you to go about this? We’ve looked at some of the issues to consider, and it’s … Read More

14 steps to take BEFORE publishing a blog post

October 9, 2018Website knowledge

Here we suggest 14 important steps to take, yes 14 hoops to jump through, BEFORE publishing your blog post. This mainly centres around WordPress, but can work for any online publishing software.  It used to be so simple to write a blog post, but now there’s a lot more to consider if you want people … Read More

How to create a responsive logo

October 2, 2018Website knowledge

In this post we want to share with you how we branded a new app using a range of logos based upon the same visual concept, rather than using one single design. Getting brand stand-out is never easy, and with multiple channels showing your logo, it’s important to think differently. Therefore Red Onion created a … Read More

Success for campaign

May 8, 2018Website knowledge

One of our favourite clients, the charity Become – has won the Your UK Parliament Community Campaigner Award  for their youth outreach project – Passport to Parliament. Red Onion designed the logo and various social media assets. Natasha Finlayson, Chief Executive of Become, said: “As the leading charity for children in care and care leavers … Read More

How to create a responsive Adobe Muse website

May 11, 2016Website knowledge

*Update: As of March 2018, Adobe Muse is no longer being developed Adobe Muse CC 2015 is software that allows designers to create visually impressive websites with very little coding knowledge. It also has the added benefit of parallax scrolling – where items on the webpage move or animate as the user scrolls down or up. … Read More

Phaidon launches travel magazine

December 17, 2015Magazine knowledge, Website knowledge

Red Onion worked closely with the team at Phaidon to create this digital magazine. In the mix were Creative Director Andy Cowles, Editor Mat Smith and Publisher Inca Waddell. The project was unique as it utilised a double-page cover (both a landscape and portrait version), which is perfect for the online platform – and rarely … Read More

Guide to creating a website for multiple devices

April 30, 2015Website knowledge

Having been involved in website design and creation since the late 1990’s it’s been a fascinating journey updating Red Onion to a fully responsive site. Things have naturally moved on a lot in design and particularly html and scripts in general. It’s important to move with the times, and we thought we’d share with you a little more about our … Read More