When is it a good idea to use data visualisation? What’s the best way to approach a new infographic? How should I design an infographic? You’ll find these and more tips in our infographics knowledge section. Red Onion can offer a range of design services

6 clever ways to use Infographics in your Brochure or Annual Report

April 19, 2020Infographics knowledge, Reports and Brochures

Infographics don’t just need to consist of a single stand-alone illustration. They also work well as part of a Powerpoint presentation, a website story, or a specialist printed product, and can be used to great effect when combined with other strong content. Red Onion can help you produce streamlined powerpoint presentations, engaging website stories, and … Read More

How to design an infographic

October 10, 2018Infographics knowledge

What makes a good infographic? You have to know who it’s for, be clear on your message, and create something that looks great. Read our top 10 tips about putting together an infographic for your company using examples directly from Red Onion Design, who provide the best in data visualisation. Here goes…   1. Think … Read More