Brochures and annual reports are a really great way to get your point across. Whether a digital report or printed brochure they provide fantastic impact when used with impressive imagery and crafted content. We’ve enjoyed working on a wide range of brochure and report design projects and are sharing some our knowledge here.

Unlocking success: How Red Onion’s London content agency elevates company reports

September 11, 2023Reports and Brochures

A well-crafted company report can be a powerful tool for conveying your organization’s performance, goals, and vision to stakeholders, investors, and clients. In today’s digital age, where visual appeal and engaging content matter more than ever, Red Onion’s London Content Agency stands out as a trailblazer in the art of elevating company reports. In this … Read More

Red Onion Design uses visuals to make even the densest reports memorable

August 30, 2023Reports and Brochures

When it comes to design and printing high-impact reports, Red Onion Design has carved out a reputation for creating visually striking documents that stand out from the usual text-heavy, black-and-white fare. The London-based graphic design agency brings its creative flair to the report design process, using great graphics, typography, layouts and printing quality to transform … Read More

The art of business report design: insights from London’s leading design agency

August 17, 2023Reports and Brochures

In the heart of London, where creativity and history collide, the city’s graphic design landscape continuously evolves. As veterans in this sphere, Red Onion Design has repeatedly demonstrated their prowess in steering this evolution. Our treasure trove of insights sheds light on the intricate art of business report design. Understanding the narrative The foundation of … Read More

10 common report design mistakes and how to avoid them

August 11, 2023Reports and Brochures

Reports are essential communication tools for businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations. When done right, they convey crucial information in a clear, engaging way. When done poorly, the message can become muddled or lost. As London’s leading graphic design agency, Red Onion specializes in report design services, creating visually appealing and effective reports that communicate what’s … Read More

Corporate report printing: Impress investors and stakeholders

August 1, 2023Reports and Brochures

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it comes to corporate reports, most readers are interested in the executive summary only. But the rest of the report matters too. In this era of digitalization and data-driven decision-making, corporate reports play a crucial role in conveying a company’s performance, financial health, and prospects to its … Read More

Levelling up luxury: High-end print projects elevate brand perception

July 28, 2023Reports and Brochures

For top-tier brands looking to showcase quality and prestige, print projects present a unique opportunity to express luxury in a tangible form. From sleek annual reports to artfully designed coffee table books, high-end print amplifies status and provides lasting impressions for discerning clients. For design agencies specializing in luxury work, expanding print capabilities allows more … Read More

What is Corporate Literature and how can it help you?

November 17, 2022Reports and Brochures

It is of course, very important for a business to communicate effectively with its core audience. Success comes from a management structure that shares its vision and mission statement in a clear and informative manner. We take a quick look at some of the key communication strategies you can deploy, and what each of the … Read More

Landscape Annual Reports – Designing for Digital

September 21, 2022Reports and Brochures

In this brief guide we’ll talk about the emergence of A4 landscape report design, and the benefits it will bring. Companies want the prestige of something that looks like, or is, a printed brochure, yet more often than not want to share it primarily in a digital format. What is an A4 landscape digital annual … Read More

5 design ideas to create an impressive Annual Report

September 21, 2021Reports and Brochures

You want to showcase the brilliant work your organisation is doing, and it needs to set the right visual tone, and be perfect for the intended audience. But the question is, what makes a good Annual Report? We’re seeing a lot more requests for Annual Report design, so here’s 5 incredible ways you can bring … Read More