Infographics don’t just need to consist of a single stand-alone illustration. They also work well as part of a Powerpoint presentation, a website story, or a specialist printed product, and can be used to great effect when combined with other strong content.

Red Onion can help you produce streamlined powerpoint presentations, engaging website stories, and eye-catching brochures that are on brand, and feature easy to understand infographics.

If you’re using data for a presentation or brochure, make sure it fits well visually with the rest of your brand. Data Viz combined with outstanding content can help get your point across effectively – together we can create a successful product.

Check out our recent work examples below to find out how we use infographics within a whole content package.

1. Create icons that endorse the brand

In this new report for a well known chocolate brand, we created new infographic icons that complemented the graphics used on the brand packaging. They’re used here to illustrate key points.
Layout for a new report Red Onion has designed for Divine Chocolate 


2. Use infographics to provide gravitas to a feature in a magazine

In this new international magazine, data visualisation helps show authority in a certain subject area. It’s a clever way to show complex data without having to write it out in long-form.
See more of our work for Chevening, a UK government organisation


3. Break up content with key figures

In this specialist brochure, statistics are displayed as infographics throughout to emphasise data.
As seen in ‘Your Essex’ brochure for the University of Essex


4. Even simplified data visualisation can have impact

This straightforward list of stats and the map graphic supports the content effectively.
As seen in this ASI medical brochure


5. Combine powerpoint slides into one super graphic.

We split up one complex infographic to work on several powerpoint slides. Red Onion can help you produce streamlined powerpoint presentations and brochures that are on brand, and also feature easy to understand and entertaining infographics.
Blue Water Energy (full example coming soon). 


6. Use icons to highlight key facts.

In this booklet, this approach communicated vital data at a glance. The icons were replicated  in a consistent style across a range of leaflets.
As seen in this Carte Blanche booklet


Other things to consider

We can provide animated infographics. If used correctly this can give your presentation a little extra wow factor.

Want to see more? To view a wide range of stand-alone infographics designed by Red Onion, please visit our dedicated infographics section.

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