The world is at your fingertips and it’s important to have a good grasp of design to make the best decisions. This is where you’ll find the knowledge behind our design services

Guide to creating a website for multiple devices

April 30, 2015By Rob CastlesResources

Having been involved in website design and creation since the late 1990’s it’s been a fascinating journey updating Red Onion to a fully responsive site. Things have naturally moved on a lot in design and particularly html and scripts in general. It’s important to move with the times, and we thought we’d share with you a little more about our … Read More

Top 5… websites for designers

July 12, 2014By Rob CastlesResources

For when you need a good font – and free too! Here’s a great resource for designers. A huge selection of royalty-free fonts you can download and use at your leisure. What sets this apart from many of the others is the huge range of professional quality typography up for grabs.   Visit Font Squirrel … Read More

Tips on how to brief a Graphic Designer

November 14, 2011By Rob CastlesResources

Let’s say you want to promote your business in a new way, or develop some ideas you’ve had. Chances are at some stage you’ll need the help of a graphic designer: someone who can bring your visual ideas to life in a professional way. Getting this kind of help can ultimately bring more business your … Read More