In this post we want to share with you how we branded a new app using a range of logos based upon the same visual concept, rather than using one single design.

Getting brand stand-out is never easy, and with multiple channels showing your logo, it’s important to think differently. Therefore Red Onion created a multi-logo approach for this brand new click & collect app.

Red Your Places logo on white background
The same logo in three different ways


The main logo (top) is white text on an extended red background, shaped to loosely represent a pin on a map. The app has the users favourite local businesses all together on one screen. Being an app about where people meet to chat, it’s also reminiscent of a speech bubble which implies conversation.

The round central logo still uses the pin graphic, but the logo is in a circle so it’s better suited to social media and app icon use. We’ve also dropped the strapline so it’s easier to read at smaller screen sizes when required.

The logo (shown below) has also been adjusted to work just as strongly on a black background, which gives plenty of versatility given how it will appear in magazines, adverts, online and on posters etc.


Red Your Places on black background
The logo is used in a variety of ways


Polo shirts close up image
Your places logo embroided on Polo shirts


Mobile phone app icons in red and white
The mobile phone app icons


We provided design and art direction on the app itself, assisting the UX and GUI to help make a great app, working closely with the software development team to implement a clean and achievable design.

For added clarity the app uses a white on black logo at the top of the screen. With the red icon helping to draw your eye to the logo. Throughout the app we use a tight and muted colour range. The red is used to highlight important information. Then it uses a range of cream and grey tints throughout.


The loading page and listings page on screen
The loading and listings page*


Next it was working on the social media and marketing requirements. Below you can see an example of two of the icons succesfully used together on Twitter.

Red Onion provides ongoing advertising and copywriting support. The advert we created below appeared in the specialist UK magazine, Caffeine – and utilises a bespoke image put together by Red Onion.

Red Onion also designed and wrote an introductory folding leaflet about the service. This has a clever double-sided cover: one side is for business owners, the other is for the consumers that use the app.

Both the advert and leaflets introduce a friendly hand-written font.


Example of multi brand twitter page
Example of multi brand twitter page


A picture of the a phone with coffee poured on it, and two leaflets together
Stunning bespoke adverts, and clever leaflets


A variety of real life example of multiple branding
The branding seen together at the London ExCel Coffee Innovation Expo


Next up will be working on a brand new Your Places consumer website, and providing a range of internal store promotions.


Here’s my top 5 tips for creating different versions of the same logo:

1. Keep it simple. The more basic the logo is, the easier it will be to apply different sizes and approaches.

2. Colour. Make it work on a range of coloured backgrounds.

3. Keep it short. Make the brand name as short as possible.

4. Design an icon. Create a simple, flat and versatile icon which works well with the brand concept.

5. Make decisions. Settle on your main logo, and create secondary concepts from there.


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*Please note: The coffee shop logos are for demonstration and presentation purposes only, and Your Places are not affiliated in any way with these brands.