When it comes to design and printing high-impact reports, Red Onion Design has carved out a reputation for creating visually striking documents that stand out from the usual text-heavy, black-and-white fare.

The London-based graphic design agency brings its creative flair to the report design process, using great graphics, typography, layouts and printing quality to transform reports from dry and tedious reads into memorable, engaging documents.

Red Onion’s designers have an innate talent for taking even the densest financial data or most complex research results and converting them into appealing, readable reports. Their use of colour, whitespace, illustrations, charts, icons, imagery and other visual elements captures readers’ interest and makes assimilating information much easier.

Creative layouts allow better flow

Red Onion eschews the standard report structure and predictable layouts. Their designers carefully plot how to present information in the most logical, visually appealing manner. Content flows smoothly, with related sections laid out contiguously to aid comprehension. Strategic use of visual hierarchies, titles, headers and white space ensures key points stand out. The strategic interplay between sections eliminates disorder and clutter.

Red Onion designers have a keen understanding of how typography choices impact readability and aesthetics.
Red Onion’s designers excel at crafting custom infographics that vividly communicate statistics, structures, flows, processes and relationships from the report data.
Powerful imagery makes an instant impression

Reports designed by Red Onion often incorporate conceptual images and abstract graphics that represent the essence of the content in a memorable way. Photographs, data visualizations, info-graphics, illustrations, icons and other images give readers an immediate visual shorthand for the concepts covered, aiding retention and recall. The judicious use of imagery allows dense information to be assimilated quickly.

Artful use of typography optimizes readability

Red Onion designers keenly understand how typography choices impact readability and aesthetics. Their reports use different fonts, colours, sizes and treatments to articulate hierarchies within text. For example, category headings may be in large coloured script while body text remains legible black sans-serif. Strategic use of typography helps guide readers through the content in order of importance. Refined typography gives an air of polish and quality to the finished reports.

Infographics distill complex concepts

Few devices better encapsulate complex ideas simply and engagingly than infographics. Red Onion’s designers excel at crafting custom infographics that vividly communicate statistics, structures, flows, processes and relationships from the report data. Their minimalist iconography style pare concepts down to the essentials for easy comprehension. Colour coding, proportional visuals, and intuitive layouts within infographics allows for grasping intricate concepts at a glance.

Charts and graphs clarify trends and relationships

Red Onion also produces clean, modern charts and graphs that help visually uncover patterns and correlations within the data. Their designers know how to translate tabular data and indicators into line, bar, pie and scatter graphs that highlight trends and variations clearly. Proper chart typography and inclusion of summary statistics further aid analysis. Their judicious data visualization transforms abstract numbers into intuitive graphical stories.

Strategic use of colour grabs attention

Colour is used thoughtfully in Red Onion’s reports both for visual appeal and functional purposes like categorizing related elements. Tints of colours help delineate hierarchy and order. Certain colours may symbolize specific ideas referenced frequently. Sparing yet strategic use of brighter accent colours against neutral backgrounds helps highlight important items like headers, call-outs and graphs for enhanced scannability.

World-class printing quality for a polished finish

Red Onion’s meticulously designed reports truly come alive when printed to their exacting standards. They ensure consistency between design and final output by personally managing the entire print production process. Their reports are printed on premium quality stock using advanced digital or offset printing for stunning fidelity. Red Onion also bind and finish reports professionally with choices like perfect, spiral, and case binding. Their premium printing adds tangible value that clients appreciate.


With their innovative design approach, Red Onion transforms tedious reports into memorable, easy-to-digest documents. Strategic use of visuals like imagery, charts, layout, colour and typography simplifies complex concepts for readers. Backed by precision printing, Red Onion’s reports become engaging, enlightening centrepieces rather than forgettable obligations. When insight and inspiration are required alongside cold data, clients turn to Red Onion Design’s visual mastery to create show-stopping reports their audiences genuinely enjoy consuming.

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