As we approach the tail end of 2018, it’s time to see what trends are coming through in the media and look ahead to 2019.

Red Onion presents some of the most noticeable graphic design styles, and our projections for the coming year.  The ideas span Print, TV, Online and Fashion and as designers look to plan ahead this list could help on any project.


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1. Curved bright colour lozenges.

Beautiful bubbly shapes in bright hues are eye-catching and modern, providing a new way to look at icons.



Moving thumbnails

2. Moving thumbnails.

Online, we’re seeing more work going into the humble thumbnail. It’s often the only way to make an impact, and we’re seeing the increasing use of video and animation to draw the eye and sell what you’re all about as quickly as possible.



Ribbon graphics example
3. Ribbon graphics and shadows in icons.

One step on from a pure outline, icons looking like ribbons are becoming popular. Also shadows are making a comeback within logos themselves, and are giving extra depth.




Responsive logos

4. Responsive logos.

This one’s not going to go away any time soon, it’s still big news. As the way we consume media continues to grow and diversify brands are finding new ways to fit in to all formats.



Black and white geometric

Black and white geometric BBC2

5. Black and white geometric.

This approach is graphic and simple. A mix of black and white geometric shapes, sometimes injected with a bright colour, can be stunning.



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These are trending too…

Serif fonts in headlines are coming back, not just thick flourishy fonts but all weights and styles. There’s still room for the humble sans for simplicity, but the serif can add that touch of prestige. ••• Look out for close together and clashing text with very tight kerning in headlines ••• Outlined text is also becoming popular.

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