In the midst of a pandemic, businesses and employees are looking for ways to continue to prosper. One of the effects of social distancing is that people can feel very isolated – and that’s where traditional media can step in.

These days people are increasingly turning to digital media for their entertainment and information, but printed products play an important role. 

If you work in business communications, our thoughts here on engaging customers, consumers and colleagues via print media might help with your decision-making.


Magazine subscriptions infographic


Our infographic above illustrates just how important printed material is for keeping readers entertained and informed during these difficult times.


How to boost morale through print

  • If you normally communicate with your employees via digital media, a printed product can grab their attention as a fresh alternative and help you to keep in touch.
  • Magazines are an additional way to bridge the social-distancing gap by making readers feel part of a club.
  • They can also provide a refreshing break from our current high levels of screen-time.
  • Printed products are a trusted media and great magazine design can help change perceptions.
  • With staff motivation possibly at a low, why not share stories of how other people are coping with self-isolation, or uplifting accounts of people who are volunteering to help others.
  • Consider smaller magazines that can fit easily through letterboxes. Perhaps create a simplified template allowing you to produce your magazine more regularly.

Facing hygiene concerns:

  • Virologist George Lomonossoff explained to the Mirror: “Newspapers are pretty sterile because of the way they are printed and the process they’ve been through to be produced. Traditionally, people have eaten fish and chips out of them for that very reason. So all of the ink and the print makes them actually quite sterile. The chances of [catching the virus from them] are infinitesimal.”
  • We’ve spoken to a number of printers to find out what safeguards they have in place. They all explained how few people even touch printed products during manufacturing as the majority of the process is automated. Discuss these matters with your own printer directly.
  • Pre-addressed envelopes are also automated, rather than packaged by hand. Deliver magazines in paper bags that can be recycled on arrival.

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