Boots Health and Beauty is a printed magazine distributed in the High Street shops. However it also provides an excellent interactive versions of the same edition, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

A little about the technical side. The magazine is designed by Redwood, based in London, UK. It has a large team of writers, designers, photographers and so on.  eDition is a company that provides the digital magic. It has an online design interface that would be similar to users of Adobe products. The final edition is published using flash for mac and PC, but with an automatically served html5 version for mobiles etc. Accessing a magazine via a web browser on a mobile is easy and everything works, however it’s too small and awkward to use at the standard mobile-phone screen size. If you download the eDition app there are a few magazines to view, and these go full screen and are therefore slightly easier to view (though Boots magazine isn’t featured directly via the app).

So now to the design. Perhaps the best thing about the Boots Digital Magazine (or digimag) is that it doesn’t try and be exactly the same as the print magazine. We looked at this edition and compared the print to the digital. The results are surprisingly good.


In the example above, this where a digital version can really impress. Just one page in print, now becomes a spread. Readers have the option to view how their nails will look, by choosing their skin tone and favourite nail colour. All done, using an intuitive and simple interface, that visually compliments the magazine brand.


The wavy-water background image moves slightly, which cleverly gives the feeling of gentle waves – and it’s quicker to load than an embedded movie. The layout style is more graphic, and the words have been cut down in length. All of this helps the reader enjoy the magazine online.


Why not do away with the standard feature altogether? In this example the 3 page print feature takes on a quiz-style approach. It uses similar content, but allows the reader to make decisions themselves as they click through each digital page. They are then given the most suitable response, based on their answer. It’s a very clever use of the digimag format.

Red Onion can provide you with a digital edition too, contact us for details!

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