For when you need a good font – and free too!

Here’s a great resource for designers. A huge selection of royalty-free fonts you can download and use at your leisure. What sets this apart from many of the others is the huge range of professional quality typography up for grabs.


Visit Font Squirrel



Fast 3d Visuals For Clients or Portfolio

At first glance this is a confusing site to look at. However dig a little deeper and you can find a vast array of useful graphic items. We use it to create 3d mock ups of magazine covers, spreads, packaging and so much more. Simply download the PSD packages, click on the active layer, load in your graphics and click save. At the touch of a button (by automatically using photoshop actions), your design becomes 3d. Very cool indeed. Users from around the world upload their assets, so expect to pay a very small charge to be able to use them.

Graphic River

Visit Graphic River Product Mockup



Design Repeat Patterns For Website Backgrounds

As the website says “People from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns”. However I find if most useful for when you want to create a background for twitter, a wordpress website or indeed anywhere you require something that is based on a repeat pattern. Because this way, your website loads so much quicker. Here’s a handy website that allows you to draw anything you like, and then it automatically shows you the repeat pattern. You can even import the final square to photoshop or Indesign in order to add additional graphic elements. The site showcases an amazing array of colourful patterns based on the repeat square. A fun and useful resource.

Colour Lovers

Visit Colour Lovers Seamless Pattern



Make Your Own Typeface

For those times that you need to design a logo font, or perhaps want to experiment with a whole typeface – this free resource will set you off on the right track. You can save your masterpiece in TrueType format to share with the rest of the world. The only downside is that you can’t import existing typefaces to ‘muck around with’. You’ll also need oodles of time on your hands to get the most from this app.


Visit Fonstruct



Easily Discover The Mystery Font

Often you’ll see a great font online or in print – and ask yourself, what is it? This handy phone app will help with identification. Simply photograph the font and hey presto – you’re wiser than before. However, the font will need to be on the MyFonts database. Currently the Android version on play store has been removed for a freshen up, so it is limited to apple devices only. Still, a great idea.

What The Font

Visit What The Font Mobile




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