In this brief guide we’ll talk about the emergence of A4 landscape report design, and the benefits it will bring. Companies want the prestige of something that looks like, or is, a printed brochure, yet more often than not want to share it primarily in a digital format.

Landscape PDF
An example of a landscape report
What is an A4 landscape digital annual report?

This is any kind of print-style report which will be read first and foremost on a computer screen. It is a downloadable PDF that is designed and optimised to be easily read and features a clickable navbar.

Why is this landscape design approach important?

It’s critical to design a report that is easy to read and access. If someone is going to dedicate the time to read a digital-only print-style report, they’ll be looking at it on a desktop or laptop computer screen. A mobile phone is OK for something that is responsive, but a print-style document is something handcrafted, which is harder to replicate on a phone screen. Handcrafted means close attention to design, layout, letter-spacing, white space etc.

Is your report optimised to be read correctly?

A computer screen is landscape and yet many reports are designed in portrait format.

This approach creates confusion. Sometimes the PDF is uploaded as single pages, ruining any design features of, for example, full bleed images across a spread. As a reader, single pages also means you can lose your place within the document. If the document is uploaded as spreads, there is a pointless gap down the middle, and the copy also becomes smaller on the page – and it’s not as easy to print out as single pages on an A4 office printer.

Design for your audience by including a clickable navigation
Our tips for creating a landscape report
  • Design your report on a single A4 landscape page using Indesign
  • Create a column grid to add structure
  • Have a nav bar along the top of every page which clicks through to sections
  • Include forward and back buttons in the nav bar, along with a home button
  • Ensure links are clickable when PDF is downloaded
Who can help?

We can! Red Onion can create a report for you. Talk to us and we’ll arrange an informal initial chat.

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