It is of course, very important for a business to communicate effectively with its core audience. Success comes from a management structure that shares its vision and mission statement in a clear and informative manner. We take a quick look at some of the key communication strategies you can deploy, and what each of the documents is used for.


What is an Annual Report?

An Annual Report is for shareholders, or people directly related to an individual company. As well as financial figures, they will sometimes have stories reporting on company successes of staff or the business in general.


What is an Annual Review?

This is similar to an Annual Report, but perhaps with less emphasis on financials and more detail on examples of results.


What is a Sustainability Report?

This is an Annual Report but centred around an organisation’s responses to environmental factors. It would address action taken on green issues, and highlight any particular successes.


What is an Impact Report?

There is a clear crossover between this and an Annual Report – they both provide stats and financial figures, but an Impact Report is usually related to a specific subject area. More often than not it involves stories and outcomes of individuals, businesses, or charities for example, and the impact the organisation has had on these.


What is a White Paper?

This is something academic, factual, or technical. It is usually very text heavy. It could be a financial report or a document that provides thought leadership. Most often seen in education, the public sector, or charitable organisations.


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