This is a 3D rotatable image of a new card game we’ve designed. Spin the card pack with your mouse or finger – cool eh?

The card game concept was created by Connected Kids Club and we worked closely with the client to create a retail product that kids love to play, and parents/carers love to buy.

Red Onion designed the Classm8s logo to be easily recognised and read by any age group. By simply angling the number, it instantly gave a unique visual device for the branding, that could be used on this and future game ideas.

Here’s some online influencer comments about the game:

“A game about exploring emotional intelligence in kids 6 plus… I can’t wait to show you some of the cards inside”

“The cards are really nice and thick… The designs I’m sure you’ll agree are really, really brilliant. They’ve been really well thought out and will appeal to a really wide audience”

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