These things are so this year. We present our top 5 graphic design trends you may or may not have noticed already. Woah, they are so hot…!


Light Typefaces

1. Light typefaces

Forget ‘in your face’ big and bold – it’s all about light and dainty. Don’t hard sell to your customers, give them the lighter touch.


Light icons

2. Outline icons

To go with the light typefaces, outline icons are popular. You’ll also find them with dashes of infill colour, or a tinted line here and there.


Thick flourishing fonts

3. Thick flourishy typefaces

In direct contrast to the lighter fonts, there are also lost of big chunky fonts around, featuring a swirly design flourish that just helps soften them slightly.


Trivago homepage

4. Websites with lots of white space

White space is becoming the norm in website design. Lots of room allows pages to breath and improves the browsing experience. It’s not just white space that does it, but big photographic images and clever video integration. Don’t expect to see everything ‘above the line’ – you might need to scroll down the page for clearly presented information.


Triangular architecture

5. Fractalised triangular shapes

You’ll not only see these crop up all over the graphic design world but also in architecture and art.


These are trending too…

Responsive websites that do something clever when scaling down for mobile screens ••• drop caps, intros, and/or reversed out type on a coloured box on news website stories ••• google font integration overload ••• ‘Font awesome’ icons ••• clever navigation with clear signposting ••• everyone desperately trying to outdo each other on website design ••• scouring instagram, facebook, etsy, behance for designers and making them in to features on other websites.

You don’t expect us to actually point out where we’ve spotted these trends do you? You’ll see them soon enough.


  • I’m currently obsessed with gradients over flat color. And not just a gradient of 2 colors. I’m loving backgrounds that merge a blend of 3 or more harmonious colors. My color of the moment is onyx – R34/G38/B43

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