It’s a first for Red Onion as we combine our video-making and print skills to create a well-rounded social media campaign. We designed a captivating booklet aimed at 12 to 18 year olds – and we were thinking of a way to build excitement about it.

This is where Keynote OSX came in – it allowed us to seamlessly animate type and images from the booklet, add sound, and deliver a video experience for online use.

A layout from the booklet

Video tells a story and connects with a viewer in a similar way to how a magazine connects with it’s readers. It’s the ideal platform to cross-promote a print project – and we’re excited to be offering this developing medium – and we can help you with your next success story!

Designed to appeal to a younger audience


Here’s what the target audience had to say:

“Just wanted to say how great the video was. It’s interesting how powerful moving image is.”

“Wow the video – where did this come from!?  I am so impressed.”

“I agree – really impressive! Congrats.”


Here’s the video:


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