Let’s say you want to promote your business in a new way, or develop some ideas you’ve had. Chances are at some stage you’ll need the help of a graphic designer: someone who can bring your visual ideas to life in a professional way. Getting this kind of help can ultimately bring more business your way and so of course increase profits. Here’s what you need to know when you come to Red Onion with your print ideas.

Come up with a brief.

A brief can be as simple or as long as you like. It sets out what you want to achieve, how long before you want the finished product and what kind of person you want the product to appeal to.

Draw a sketch

Draw out your ideas, or cut bits up from magazines and make a sketch book. If it’s a leaflet make something that folds.

Write some words.

How will you sell the idea? What kind of language will you use?

Think about budget

Bare in mind what you have to spend. Giving a ball park figure can help a designer asses what you you can realistically achieve. Bare in mind the main set of costs of any work, check it out here:

  • The cost and time of a talented graphic designer. Expect to pay more for better results. However, it’s always worth asking for a quote!
  • Photographic costs, either using specialist photo libraries or getting the photos taken
  • Editing costs. You’ll need words, either written out fresh, or at least properly copy-edited. Never under-estimate well crafted text.
  • Printing costs.

Ask for a quote

We’ve created a handy page so you can formulate your ideas and send them straight to us for a quote.

Click here to ask for a quote

Most of all have fun! What have we missed? Let us know your thoughts below… or share this feature online.

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