We’ve come up with these ideas to help you consider new avenues for the promotion of your company. Although an online presence is important, you can really sell yourself in a unique and memorable way using print. At Red Onion we can assist you to accomplish these concepts:

Company magazine

This really isn’t as difficult as you may first imagine, and can take many forms. Here’s a few examples:

  • Mini magazine of about 12 pages.
    Sell your brand, interact with your customer, share your news. Perhaps use it to motivate your staff. The most cost effective option.
  • Full size magazine.
    Showcase all your products, link to your website, and have some useful tips and advice tailored to your customers or staff. However, you should put aside in the region of £5,000 to put together your first issue. This price is dependent on the size of your print run.
  • Online interactive magazine.
    Put either of the above ideas online, so people can realistically flick through your magazine. Consider and interactive magazine. Don’t be too over-the-top – but you can still create an immersive experience for your clients.

If your magazine is good you can even charge a small amount, instore or using an online payment system. We can even look at selling advertising in your new magazine.

Brochures and leaflets

These tend to be more one-off projects, rather than a regular one like a magazine. However, it’s worth budgeting for regular leaflets to keep your customers informed. It’s so much more personal to receive a leaflet than visit a website, and people tend to spend longer studying and digesting the information.


Keep the message really simple, graphic and eye-catching – then these can be a very effective way of drawing attention to your brand. They can be left in shops, offices etc. and if they look good, customers will want to take them away and keep them. Update them often and try out new words and pictures to find out what is most effective for you. Print on good quality card, and keep them glossy so they stay clean.

What have we missed? Let us know your thoughts below… or share this feature online.

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