Who Cares? is a magazine aimed at 12 to 18 year olds in care. And following its recent redesign by Red Onion – we found out what the readers really thought of it!


all about me feature

cooking feature


“I love the new front cover!”

“I actually don’t not like anything about this magazine. It’s my favourite!

“There’s lots of information and advice. I was involved in this magazine about four years ago and looking at it now, I’m very impressed.”

“One thing I like is the general new layout.”

“I like the colours that blend in well together.”

“My favourite feature is the cooking article. The top bit catches your eye and leads you on to the rest of it. It has good headlines and young people’s quotes and a fun design. It’s engaging and I would read all of it!”


Reading who cares?

Thanks to everyone involved for sharing your thoughts, and we’re really glad you’re enjoying it!


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