We’re delighted to announce that The Guinness Partnership is the latest client to join the Red Onion ranks. The Guinness Partnership owns and manages nearly 60,000 homes nationwide, and has been providing services since 1890.

Guinness flats
A new development in Salford

The brief was to create a single product, rather than several regional variations. Red Onion stepped up, and designed an immersive and visually appealing magazine. The new-look seasonal title is delivered nationally, and reaches over 120,000 customers.

Printed on quality thick paper, it’s proved a big hit with readers… ‘I love the stories in your magazine and I like the layout too’ said readers, and ‘the overall layout is great and it’s very easy to read’. Others said: ‘It’s well presented and tells you about things going on around the country.’

Call us if you’re looking to refresh or design a new magazine.

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