In this post, we look at which social media tool you should use for your specific purpose. Often you will need a mixture of them all. Here’s a few thoughts about the best ways to share your message.


Newsletter Email

Benefits: In-depth, personalised, tailored,  targeted

When to use it: Stay in touch with your signed-up and loyal customer base. Provide a round-up of stories from your website

Cons: Time consuming to build a reputable list


Twitter Post

Benefits: Quick bursts of information, topical, fast, succint

When to use it:  Company announcements, share personal insights and knowledge

Cons: Tweets can be missed and not viewed


Facebook Share

Benefits: Sharing potential, receive feedback, largest network

When to use it: Share pictures and garner public opinion. Useful to create campaigns and followers

Cons: Public opinion is hard to control


Linkedin Publish a Post

Benefits: Specific business audience, targeted

When to use it: Detailed and insightful industry information to an appreciative clearly defined audience

Cons: Providing new and valuable content is a challenge


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