Whether a printed title or a PDF version, these are some things to always consider when making an internal or customer magazine. Got more tips to share, please let us know in the comments.

1. Have personality

By the time your MD and about 20 other departments in your organisation have had their input, you may find the personality of your magazine is eroding away. Yes, tone and personality can get lost in big corporate environments. Whatever you do try and inject a sense of fun, but be serious when you need be.

2. Don’t talk down and know your reader

Don’t talk about staff or customers in the third person – talk directly to them. Also, ensure everyone who is involved in the magazine is clear about who your key target audience is. In this way, you can communicate with them more effectively.

3. Always review the design

The design needs to be kept modern, fresh and most importantly clear to understand. Constantly review the design. Never underestimate the power of dynamic images to influence your readers.

4. Content is king

Think innovatively. Present information in new and unusual ways. Find out what your readers enjoy the most. Set aside time and budget to maximise results.

5. Be clear on how and where it’s read

Don’t immediately jump on the digital bandwagon. Some readers are rarely on digital platforms and perhaps don’t use them in a work environment. Others may have bad eyesight, or simply prefer to read on paper. If you go digital, think about what device the magazine will be read on, and ensure you design it in a format that suits this best.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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