If you’re a graphic designer you need to check out Animography.net. It’s a fantastic resource for animated typography that can be exported for use on animation program, After Effects.

I was blown away by the range and detail of the type animation – and the control a designer has over each letter.

Some of my favourites fonts and animation are listed below


This is my favourite, it’s a font that lends itself so well to animation, and the perspective trickery is something that feels contemporary.



A font you may actually want to use on a project. I love the gluey effect. More gluey than ink, I think, actually.



I’m a bit of a sucker for see-through bendy fonts. I can never really find a place to use them, but I think they look great.



I just like the unusualness of this. I enjoy looking at fonts that have geometric shapes at their core, and the thin lines make it slightly weird in a fun way…



Finally, another fairly on-trend animation. A constellation, cobwebby, digital effect. I think this style of animation could work on a range of fonts.

Agree with my choices? Disagree with what I’ve said? Let me know below ↓


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