Has anyone else noticed the gradual shrink or even disappearance of logo’s and branding on mainstream websites? We have. Branding is getting increasingly underplayed. Is this because users are reacting against over-branding – or does it somehow make the brands look ‘cool’. It also suggests a certain confidence in the fact that users already know the brand, before they’ve even logged on to the site.

Here’s a selection of homepages to prove a point…



Mailchimp – now just a monkey head top left. Oh there’s the logo at the bottom. Nearly missed that.



Dropbox. Or is it? Yes, I typed it in on the browser…



 Kent Lyons branding agency. There it is, bottom corner (right)


bartle Bogle Hegarty

Ad agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty uses a small animal icon


Mother London

 MotherLondon Advertising Agency. Can’t see a logo.


we transfer

We transfer. Small up the side



Have you noticed this too – and how do you feel about the brands being underplayed.



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