When thinking about the services Red Onion offer, the current best description would be integrated. We’re ultimately about communicating ideas through graphic design in lots of different ways.

What is an integrated designer?

An integrated designer is a person that can provide an array of design solutions, using and adapting to the wide range of graphic design software available. When it comes to job titles, the lines are continually blurring. Once UX and UI designer was the popular phrase, but now we’re hearing integrated designer more and more. The downside perhaps, is that it’s a ‘jack of all trades’ approach, although on the plus side it doesn’t ‘pigeon hole’ designers so much – allowing wider creative freedoms.

Why has this phrase come about?

Ultimately, being a fully integrated designer is only possible because tech is getting easier to learn. Program interfaces are becoming more standardised, and in turn allows the designer to move more effortlessly between them. Current mass communication is of course very varied, but integrated designers can utilise print and existing and emerging digital platforms, in a unified manner.

What skills are needed?

Currently we’re seeing a lot of adverts asking for Sketch experience – popular software to help visualise how an app will look before being sent to developers. Video is important, and Adobe After Effects knowledge is often asked for by employers.

However the main thing for an integrated designer is to keep learning. Not only is the software changing, but the way media is consumed is continually shifting. The norms of communication are forever being analysed and diagnosed – how can we do this better, what does the consumer want? etc.

You need to enjoy tech, be adaptable, and a quick learner. You’ll also need patience, flexibility and a thick skin – you’ll be spreading yourself thinly across the many social media platforms, and exposing your design to a 24 hour critical audience. You’ll need to be able to flit between elements of the project, but be able to switch-off occasionally too!

Are you looking for an integrated designer?

So if you contact Red Onion because you’re looking at creating or updating a print product, not only will we make this look fantastic – but we’ll also provide a whole range of digital design solutions too. We’re based in London, UK.

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