Graphic Design Trends 2022

Introducing our annual look at forthcoming graphic design trends.  Here’s our inspirational top picks to look out for in 2022…

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1. Bright Geometric Colour

Designers are often working out how to cut through the visual clutter. One way is to par back graphic tricks, instead providing impact with simple bold colour and shape.

Graphic Design Trends 2022
Variable Font sidebar

2.  Responsive Fonts

Typography is continuously adapting to how we interact with it. Designers will be discovering inventive ways to deploy the new ‘Variable Fonts’. These have been created by specialists, with each font having a wide range of weights and styles that can be controlled by the user. The font Futura Now, for example, has 102 styles.

Netflix animated logo
google animated logo
Facebook Meta Logo animated

3. Animated Logo’s 

A popular trend over the last few years has been the emergence of responsive logos (different sizes of the same logo based on the device it is seen on). Taking this one step further, in 2022 we will see brand logos that are animated, making them interesting for digital assets like video, digital advertising, social media, etc, rather than purely static.

guardian instagram story

storytelling guardian 2022

4.  Storytelling 

Dealing with the small amount of space on mobile phone screens means we’re always searching for new ways to convey information. Sharing content creatively, by telling a story across a set of consecutive Instagram posts for example, will be a technique used more and more in 2022.

Bayard Vocal Type Font

Diet Paratha 2022

Travis Scott Meal

5. Diversity

From typography, to fashion and photography, we will see multicultural influences, representing the real-world diversity of audiences at a time when businesses are becoming more tuned in to the importance of inclusivity, recognising age, ethnicity, gender, disability and sexual identity.

These are trending too

(Below, from top to bottom)… • • • Big sweeping swishes representing new technology and movement • • • Heavy 3d shadows on fonts is an increasingly popular trend • • • Anti-instagram imperfection will be seen in photography and with new informal font styles • • • more to follow

Swish trends 2022

Swish trends 2022 catk

Ealing Pengelly Art

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